Hair Stylist
Ms. Sue Cheung:

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, the Sideria HIFU provided a painless and comfortable experience. The skin data analysis was impressive! My skin was instantly lifted and tighter after the treatment. Ingrid Millet’s attentive service was a big plus.

Japanese choreographer
Ms. Haruna Kunisawa:

The Sideria Technology uses ultrasonic waves to lift and tighten the epidermis. The results last for almost a year! It is a MUST to keep your skin in top condition. Try it today!

Financial industry
Cherry Lai:

I saw many advertisements on TV and in magazine promoting Ingrid Millet’s Sideria HIFU Treatment, so I finally decided to try.

The Sideria Technology uses ultrasonic waves to lift and tighten the skin. The cone-shaped ultrasound stimulates the natural generation of collagen, consolidates the underlying muscle tissue, improves skin elasticity, repairs wrinkles and blemishes, and helps fight signs of aging. The unique medical-grade echographic technology delivers extremely accurate target area diagnostics, and automatically determines depth settings for best firming and anti-aging effects.

 The intelligent multi-depth technology distributes heat at variable depths from 1mm to 11mm, automatically determined for optimal results. It can be used on the whole body and is suitable for all skin types. The medical precision of its hand-piece and its innovative software make Sideria a safe choice and delivers optimal skin tightening results.

# Safety and effectiveness are approved by European Conformity (CE).Individual results may vary.