Aesthetic Treatments Professional Consultation

During your one-on-one consultation at an Ingrid Millet medical aesthetic clinic, a professionally trained aesthetic therapist will conduct an in-depth clinical examination of your skin and face by running a series of tests. This is followed by a review of your physical condition and a personal clinical assessment.


If your goal is weight loss or a perfectly contoured body, your Ingrid millet aesthetic therapist will conduct an individual in-depth clinical examination of your body including an analysis of stubborn fat, review your physical condition, and understand personal factors. You will then be provided with a full detailed clinical assessment.


Your aesthetic therapist will provide you with personalised aesthetic advice and present your tailor-made programme using cutting-edge aesthetic technologies, detailing expected results.


Non-invasive aesthetic technology has minimal downtime, helping you achieve your needs and goals while minimally affecting your daily life. Progress is closely monitored, and detailed explanations are provided before during and after the set of treatments.


All our aesthetic therapists go through a high standard of on-going training and have professional experiences in all advanced medical technologies. All aesthetic therapists follow strict health and safety procedures.


A team of doctors, nutrition and anti-ageing specialists and fitness experts provide support throughout the programme to ensure successful completion of the programmes.