Aesthetic Treatments
Lifting-C Whitening Intense Treatment


Through the combined use of AMC (Age Management Centre) and Lifting-C Serum, this treatment delivers unparalleled whitening and lifting results. This two-pronged approach results in enhanced penetration into the skin, helping to shorten the penetration period and lengthen the firming effects.

Our unique AMC (Age Management Centre) is a multi-technology beauty machine that employs the use of bio-impulse currents and anti-gravity technology. The innovative formula of the Lifting-C Serum delivers four effects to the skin: stimulation of collagen growth, improvement in skin elasticity, firming of the skin and dermal moisturization. Both technologies effectively enhance collagen and elastin production, producing rejuvenating effects on the skin, as well as improving the facial contour. #



- Uplifts and firms skin

- Smoothens skin for a natural, radiant look

- Improves skin elasticity and reduces fine lines

- Improves circulation to improve dermal absorption


Suitable for

- Puffy face contour

- Unbalanced skin tone

- Skin lacking in elasticity and firmness

- Slow skin metabolism causing poor dermal absorption




Lifting-C Whitening Intense Treatment

# Individual results may vary.