Aesthetic Treatments
Hyalurone B5 Moisturizing Treatment


Hyalurone B5 Extract is a powerful hydrating agent derived from the NanoSlove System. It repairs damaged cells, strengthens the skin’s immune system, enhances its ability to retain moisture, and builds up its natural moisture barrier. Fine lines due to dehydration and skin elasticity are visibly reduced. After treatment, skin becomes smoother and more radiant. #



- Activates and renews skin cells to improve their absorption ability

- Moisturizes skin effectively

- Soothes sensitive skin

- Improves skin elasticity and reduces fine lines


Suitable for

- Dehydrated skin with loss of elasticity

- Rough skin texture

- Dilated pores

- Discomfort and flushed appearance due to dehydration




Bio-Elita Hyalurone B5 Moisturizing Treatment


Bio-Elita Hyalurone B5 Moisturizing Eye Treatment

# Individual results may vary.