Aesthetic Treatments
Cryo-Diamond Caviar Treatment


1) 【Preserving Youth】This treatment uses the body’s natural physiological response to change in temperature to stimulate the skin and enhance the innate youth preserving process.

The skin responds to a sudden decrease in temperature by increasing the activity of the cells. The concurrent increase in blood flow accelerates the skin’s absorption capacity. As the skin temperature gradually comes back to normal, nutritious ingredients are absorbed and locked in the deeper layers of the skin.


2) 【Nutro-Crystal Capsule Technology】
- Concentrated crystal-like capsules containing nutrients that are immediately released into the skin upon contact.

- Skin captures nutrition and moisture from the capsules for maximum moisture level.


3) 【3 Stages Compound Treatment】The treatment leverages the skin’s own natural rejuvenation and anti-ageing process with cutting-edge technologies and rich nutrients to provide maximum hydration and moisture, and effectively improve all skin layers. The 3 stages are specially designed to compound the effects for the ultimate experience and results.



- Enhances elasticity of skin

- Firms and lifts skin instantly

- Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

- Refines dilated pores

- Eliminates water retention

- Helps comfort and soothe sensitive skin


Suitable for

- All skin types

- Redness

- Dehydrated skin with loss of elasticity

- Dimished skin resistance

- Dilated pores

- Dull skin tone




Cryo-Diamond Caviar Treatment


Cryo-Diamond Neck Treatment

# Individual results may vary.