Aesthetic Treatments
Organic Sheltered Hydrating Treatment


Using only the most prestigious products in natural skincare (BIO SUISSE organic farming standard, certified by Bio Committee), our Organic Sheltered Hydrating Treatment comes unrivalled in the world of luxury natural skincare. Alpine Edelweiss, a main component of the treatment, has excellent antioxidant and DNA protection abilities. In addition, grape stem cells help protect skin cells, protecting the dermis against UV stress and photo ageing. Green caviar extract helps to strengthen the Dermal-Epidermal Junction (DEJ) and retain dermal moisture. Finally, Nutro-Crystal Capsule technology helps the skin fully capture external nutrition and moisture, maximizing treatment efficacy. #



- Enhances the anti-ageing and anti-oxidant process

- Smoothens wrinkles and nourishes skin

- Lifts and firms skin

- Accelerates facial blood circulation


Suitable for

- Environmentally conscious individuals

- High-end lifestyles

- Specialized for pregnant women

- Favor natural and organic products




Organic Sheltered Hydrating Treatment

# Individual results may vary.