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Perfection Corps Slimming Treatment


Perfection Corps Slimming is a novel dual-action, made-to-measure and highly targeted slimming & toning treatment. By inhibiting the absorption of glucose, expansion of adipose tissues is limited. Unwanted fats are transformed into cell energy, and trapped fatty deposits decompose and are released. It also encourages the disappearance of cellulite, fights the appearance of unwanted curves and boosts skin firmness. #



- Stimulates lipolysis and reduces lipogenesis

- Combats the appearance of stubborn cellulite

- Eliminates toxins and optimizes cell activity

- Strengthens the structure of the extracellular matrix

- Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and promotes skin firmness


Suitable for

- Accumulated fat cells inside the body

- Appearance of cellulite

- Poor circulation and metabolism

- Desire for fast fat-burning results




Perfection Crops Slimming Treatment (Upper Front)


Perfection Crops Slimming Treatment (Lower Front)


Perfection Crops Slimming Treatment (Upper Back)


Perfection Crops Slimming Treatment (Lower Back)


Suggested Product

Perfection Corps High Performance Body Contouring Concentrate

# Individual results may vary.