Aesthetic Treatments
Santé Minceur Slimming Program


The Santé Minceur slimming program activates the lymphatic system and enhances blood circulation in order to help the body drain away toxins and reduce swelling. Combined with the 5S weight management system (Slim check, S power, Step, Suggestion, and Sweet Call), the most up-to-date and advanced beauty devices, and a team of specialists trained to the industry’s highest standards, our Santé Minceur program will help you to achieve the perfect body shape. #



- Improves blood circulation and reduces water retention

- Reduces cellulite

- Slims and reshapes the body line

- Reduces swelling


Suitable for

- Edema

- Cold hands and feet

- Poor blood and lymphatic circulation




Santé Minceur Slimming Program (Drain 1-3)


Santé Minceur Slimming Program (Cellulite 4-6)


Santé Minceur Slimming Program (Tight Up 7-9)

# Individual results may vary.