Aesthetic Treatments
Sideria HIFU - Intelligent Slimming Technology


Sideria HIFU combines sophisticated echographic imagery and state-of-the-art high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology to deliver high precision and long-lasting results. The medical-grade echographic technology delivers extremely accurate target area diagnostics, and automatically determines depth settings for best firming effects.

The Sideria Technology uses ultrasonic waves to deeply lift and tighten the epidermis. The intelligent multi-depth technology distributes heat at variable depths from 1mm to 11mm, stimulates the natural generation of collagen, and consolidates the underlying muscle tissue to achieve tight skin elasticity and slim body shape. It can be used on the whole body and is suitable for all skin types. #



- Lifting and tightening of the skin

- Improves skin elasticity and body shape

- Improves sagging skin


Suitable for

- Poor skin elasticity and body shape 

- Sagging skin




Sideria HIFU Slimming Body Treatment


# Individual results may vary.